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The most elegant approach to organizing your handbag (and preserving its structure) involves the use of an insert. Here is precisely how to choose the right one for your purse and fill it accurately to turn your handbag from turmoil to tranquility.

When it comes to keeping your purse organized, the key is to easily locate what you need without the hassle of multiple zippered bags and compartments. While zippered cosmetic pouches work well for makeup and small items, they should not be your sole method of organization. They require extra time to access, use, and put back in your bag.

How A Purse Insert Works
how to organize a purse with a handbag insert tips from Lela Burris

What Is A Purse Organizer

Handbag organizers are like a caddy for your purse. They have pockets on both inside and outside edges to store small things individually instead of in zipper bags. These inserts are designed to maximize the storage space in your handbag by keeping small items organized and easily accessible.

Benefits Of Using A Handbag Organizer

Every item has its own dedicated place and makes them easy to access without zippered bags offering speed and convenience.
* Keeps the interior of your handbag clean and free of accidental stains (especially great if you may want to sell your handbag later).
* Allows you to transfer all contents of the purse to another bag without taking everything out individually (you can take out the whole insert while it’s full).
* Helps your bag stand upright and keep its shape.

How To Choose The Right Insert For Your Purse

The first thing you need to do when choosing an insert for your purse is to measure the interior of the bag. An insert should fill almost all of the width and depth of the handbag, so once you get your measurements, subtract 2-3 inches. This gives you a snug fit but still allows the insert to stretch as you fill it.

It is almost always recommend polyester or natural cotton canvas because they’re lightweight and hold their shape very well. For the inside of the insert, a dark, easy to clean interior is best. Pens leak, snacks spill, cosmetics break, and all these can end up in the bottom of the insert. By choosing a material that’s easy to clean, you can keep the insert looking brand new. (PS: This is the one we use)


Handbag inserts come in a wide range of colors from neutrals to bold colors and patterns. If you use the same bag most of the time, I recommend choosing an insert that is the same color as the interior of your purse. It will look like it was made to be there. But if you change your bags often, sticking with a neutral color is your best bet.

How To Organize A Purse Insert

This is such a personal topic because we all keep different items in our bags, but here are some general guidelines for filling the insert most effectively.

  1. Put the insert in the bag before adding anything to it.
  2. Give your wallet an accessible home first. This is what you use most.
  3. Assign spots for other large items like notebooks, tablets, or makeup bags.
  4. Fill the inner pockets with items you use often like lotion, sunglasses, chapstick.
  5. If you carry safety items like pepper spray, give it an easy-to-access spot.
  6. Fill the outer pockets with items you use less often like bandaids, nail clippers, highlighters, and feminine products.
  7. Experiment with your setup for a few weeks and make adjustments as needed.

Check out our organizers today and enjoy!

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