About Us

Welcome and nice to meet you!  I’m Amber, the founder of YOLO Luxury Consignment and I am so excited you’re here! A little about myself, I was previously a corporate buyer at large department stores along with smaller specialty stores and had the opportunity to work for an extremely popular handbag company which is where my love for luxury goods started! 

I received my first luxury bag, a Coach bag I had been drooling over, on my 30th birthday and I will never forget the feeling. It literally took my breath away and not going to lie, I teared up because I was so happy and felt I could take on the world and accomplish anything!  

Discovering that there was an entire market out there for pre-owned luxury goods, I sought out and purchased my very first Louis Vuitton bag, a Neverfull that brought those same feelings back like when I received my Coach bag. 

These experiences are what drove me to start YOLO Luxury Consignment.  I want everyone to be able to have “that feeling” – to gain access to something that may have felt unattainable, make it within reach, and once you get it – you know you can take on the world and do anything.

These days, Amber enjoys living in Jacksonville FL, where YOLO is headquartered. She enjoys the southern climate with her husband and toddler daughter – who has already taken on her love for handbags and accessories.