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- Interested in having a trunk show or having YOLO participate in your event??
Contact us!  We would love to join!

Weekly Live 
Join us for our live selling events where we share a grouping of items! 
Monthly Online Series: Bags and Bubbles! 
Join us once a month for a fun evening of bags and bubbles with YOLO!
We’re excited to share with you the most wanted and newest items we have in stock.

DID IT!  Past Online Event Series:
-  Boujee meaning: "luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character"  Come feel boujee with us as we do live bag reviews and sip on some bubbles!

Become a Y O L O Ambassador
Apply to join a network of likeminded individuals nationwide, who all believe in bolstering confidence, courage, and poise.

Do you love fashion accessories?
Do you LOVE luxury brands?
Do you LOVE consignment?
Do you incorporate these pieces into your outfits everyday?
Are you highly active with a strong following on social media?

If this sounds like you and you'd like to learn more, contact us at

- Join our founder, Amber Fuchs, as she chats on the Jacksonville Momcast

Did you see us on our local newcast, River City Live?
Catch it here!:
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