How to safely store your handbags

Handbag care isn’t something to just think about while you are using your accessories - we’ve honestly seen more damage to handbags during storage than at any other time!
How you store your accessories is incredibly important, which is why we wanted to share these top 3 tips!

1. Store away from direct sunlight
Over time the sun will bleach your handbags, whether it’s material, canvas or leather - all will become faded and leather will begin to dry and crack prematurely. Dust Covers are an easy way to protect from direct sunlight.

2. Allow your accessories to air
This is particularly important if you live in a humid environment.
It's really important to do this to avoid stale and stagnant air which can leave your accessories with that awful musky smell. If you keep your handbags in their dust bags, ensure they are cotton or a breathable fabric.

HOT TIP - Another thing we always do is place our Bag-a-Vie handbag shapers in each bag every time they are in storage. It will help preserve its shape and protect it against moisture.

3. Take off any straps, charms etc.
While in storage any clasps and D rings can catch against one another and tarnish, leading to black tarnish marks.  Removing all straps, even small top handles, are critical. If this has happening to you, try our Cleansing Wipes quickly remove the marks.

See it work here: watch the video!

It really does go without saying - ensuring your accessories are stored safely is SO important!

Hope you found these tips helpful!

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