Louis Vuitton Speedy - Don't call it a comeback - it's been here for years!


As a constant most wanted handbag, Louis Vuitton Speedys are always trending, Some people say it's a comeback, but it never went anywhere ;) 
It has been around since 1930 and still holds a place in any bag lover’s heart as the iconic bag from the house LV. Some interestingly call it the younger sister of the ‘keep all’ bag, and we love the association because both of these bags are just so much alike in terms of their style. However, what distinguishes Speedy is its convenience to carry for everyday usage as it provides both space and style.

A "Speedy" overview
This lovely Louis Vuitton bag dates back to the early 20th century. It was designed in 1930 as a smaller interpretation of the hugely popular Keepall bag. Thanks to that era's travel revolution, it was referred to back then as the “Express”. The original, and most popular, size of the LV Speedy bag is 30 cm wide, which makes it manageable yet roomy.
In 1959, Audrey Hepburn asked Vuitton to turn the popular Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag into a miniaturized day bag that she could carry regularly. And at Audrey’s request Louis Vuitton introduced a smaller version of the Louis Vuitton Speedy: 25 cm wide, which is still a popular size today. The Speedy wasn't the iconic bag it is total until the Speedy 25 of Audrey Hepburn was introduced. It was then turned into a regular production piece that has since become a signature style for the brand. While the Keepall was intended for the globetrotting elite, the Speedy was designed for everyday use.  At present, the Speedy is also available in 35 and 40 sizes. 

What's so special about the Speedy ?
This famous Louis Vuitton classic bag can upgrade any outfit and make a strong impression on the lookers.

Size and Versatility
As of today the Speedy is available is Nano, 25, 30, 35, & 40.  The numerical size names refer to the width of the bag's front panel in centimeters. With different patterns, variations, and accessories you can get this every which way. Our founder Amber's favorite is the 25 in Damier Ebene with Bandouliere.

Kendall shown here carrying the Nano in Multicolor monogram.

The Materials
The classic version of the bag consists largely of sturdy canvas with vachetta leather handles and piping. Vachetta leather is untreated and unprotected premium cowhide leather, which over the years and due to usage darkens to a dark brown leather. This process is called patina and is a good indicator of an original Louis Vuitton item. The canvas is waterproof, remains scratch-free and does not tear, the perfect material for a ‘heavy duty’ bag. The Monogram Speedy still holds its original design: it consists of one piece of classic canvas around the body. 

Speedy's Silhouette
The iconic shape of this bag can easily be spotted because its silhouette hasn’t changed a bit since its release. And why should it? It’s Speedy for a reason, and we love it the way it is! 

Rihanna shown here carrying the 30 in Monogram with patriotic embellishment.

Glam it up, worn with streetwear, or anything in between. There are so may reasons so love a Speedy ... and we know that it is here to stay in our hearts!

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