Summer 2023 Handbag Trends


When it comes to Summer bag trends, there’s no substitute for timeless craftsmanship, impeccable materials and world-renowned designers. But let’s be honest, recent trends impact our bottom line no matter what and that’s why we’re always searching for the next big thing… even if it’s straight off the runway.

Before we dive into the biggest trends spotted on the runways during fashion month, we’re pleased to report Gucci, Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Hermes are still as popular as ever. In fact, some of the biggest trends and silhouettes from the 80s to the early aughts are still being snapped up by aspirational shoppers, vintage lovers and designer collectors alike.

So, when you’re looking to stock your shelves for the warmer months, there are a few trends and themes you simply shouldn’t ignore for 2023.

Screenshot (2129).png

NaZ0Ok3oKsIhwvRmWvj0mL70mxG4xKWB.jpgGucci Ophidia Supreme Flora Round Shoulder Bag

3OZYFitVCZoSYedVUaMawtC7bO3prK3O.jpgLouis Vuitton Ikat Flower Noeful MM Bag

QKyhaC2h1jtY4QtUHiuzUTpynAojOLK1.jpgChanel Matelasse Heart Shoulder Bag

Screenshot (2130).png

Chanel Coco Matelasse Top Handle Bag

HBOEha3so9cl3GHRYuN1CKLyQvKcesRB.jpgLouis Vuitton Ellipse GM Monogram Canvas Top Handle Bag

3inNRFku6tvgcVMMJHW6jnuaSCFCcaJl.jpgHermes Birkin Togo 30 Bag

Screenshot (2131).png

c1pDgPR4NlemjhcHZaSR5PD0JCm0ZZLO.jpgLouis Vuitton Monogram Clouds Multi-Pocket Backpack

Chanel Front Pocket Shopping Bag

ePH0aZ486QecCMonGBNY61qNT8FDfDKU.jpgPrada Nylon Drawstring Backpack

Screenshot (2132).png

e381721c-30dc-4dc4-b2a6-1657456faa84.jpgDior Large Canvas Book Tote

b851a32c-d138-4775-8af4-f09ddabfdba4.jpgLouis Vuitton OnTheGo Giant Empreinte Tote

b3ssNbGAXoK8YUe18GkADOJO1HxvG3Q9.jpgChanel Deauville Tote

Screenshot (2133).png

rl2Z9xDmxvLkLLtmkLWvdGWv0TJef3MM.jpgMiu Miu Matelasse Coffer Hobo Bag

ZotFTeXmOiRD8D6aOv4LVgT4H5nCVmOi.jpgGucci Sylvie Small Shoulder Bag

CjLiyb6drner026Sghn2TQJ2p2W1DIy4_230988418_1.jpgDior Street Chic Buckle Bag

Screenshot (2134).png

BVJE1P4FjUbBAYG7xRKpE7CMENiG2UDz.jpgBottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag

Chanel Fur Single Flap Bag

VZUONK36Kr00mRdrz7f7hG9pZZDntIMW.jpgGucci Quilted Velvet Marmont Shoulder Bag

Content and images for this blog post have been referenced from LePrix.

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