What is going on with Louis Vuitton's Neverfull??

Rumors are swirling that Louis Vuitton is halting production of its iconic Neverfull bags. The recent news has been met with some people praising Louis Vuitton’s decision and others mourning the loss. So, is Louis Vuitton discontinuing the Neverfull?

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While Louis Vuitton hasn’t made any official announcement on the future of the beloved tote, shoppers who’ve browsed the site recently noticed a “Notify Me” button has replaced “Place in Cart” beneath the Neverfull product description, causing many to speculate.

Is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull being discontinued?

This rumor has been debunked. No, Louis Vuitton is not canceling one of the world’s most popular bags, but shoppers will now be placed on a waitlist to purchase a Neverfull. So, the bag has been moved to pre-order status.

Louis Vuitton will no longer be selling classic Neverfull bags—the Classic Monogram, Damier Azur, Damier Ebene and the Empreinte Leather in classic colors—online or in store. To buy a Neverfull tote, individuals will need to go into the store twice: the first time to meet with a Sales Associate and order the bag, and then the second time to pick it up. Louis Vuitton will continue to sell limited-edition pieces in stores.


Why is Louis Vuitton implementing a wait-list policy?

It’s been speculated Louis Vuitton is implementing a waitlist system to limit the production of bags (become more sustainable) and avoid having unsold stock.

Similarly, they’d like to focus on building relationships with their SAs, since most people who buy the Neverfull only come in once and never return. With the waitlist system in place, the SAs can get to know their customers, and every time they come in, they can introduce them to newer items.


What does Louis Vuitton’s this mean for you?

Since Louis Vuitton will no longer sell the "classic design" Neverfulls in store or online, if you are ready for your own personal Neverfull TODAY, you may want to consider a pre-owned bag.  Check out what YOLO has in stock!


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