Why Beat-Up Designer Bags are the New Luxury

Everything old is new again. With Y2K trend still a thing, it’s no surprise fashion insiders are claiming grunge-inspired style is a trend all the cool kids will be sporting in 2024. Whether it’s baggy jeans, plaid flannel shirts, belly chains, combat boots, pleated miniskirts, or cargo pants, we’ve heard that tattered, torn and oversized pieces will be taking over street style for the rest of the year.

In the spirit of past style revival, designer resale pieces in fair condition are a new luxury trend taking over catwalks and sidewalks. Driven by the desire to display both lived-in luxury and the opportunity to buy a highly coveted piece without dropping top dollar, bargain-hunters and connoisseurs alike are scooping up less-than-perfect luxury designs for less.


Investing in pre-owned designer pieces is a big deal, but sometimes it can seem like a gamble. Sure, you can read the descriptions and spot tears, broken zippers, and discoloration in the photos, but what about the wear you can’t spot with your eyes? We’re talking about stains in pockets, stickiness, scents, and small hardware scratches, all of which are common in pre-loved pieces, but the usage isn’t always obvious from the get-go. Here at YOLO if you ever want to see an item in any more detail, we will be happy to have a personal one on one video call. We want you to have confidence in your selection!


So, what are you supposed to do when you have a less-than-perfect item in your closet?  As the gateway drug for designer bags, these items are on many shoppers’ wish-lists these days. While the affordability factor is in play, so is celebrity style with Mary-Kate Olsen toting a well-loved Birkin, Julia Fox showing off her Birkin that was attacked by a machete, and influencers caught toting well lived-in bags, and others showcasing tips and tricks to repair or disguise the flaws on your own. With sustainability and wearability top of mind, many are simply wearing and carrying their bags until they need to be repaired or sold.

It’s no surprise we love good and fair condition items… they’ve been some of our top sellers recently.  As a quick recap, we use the following condition grades to rank the general appearance, age, and state of each item listed on our platform. The condition grades we list vary so it’s important to reference the description and images.

Item rating of "Like New" condition appears to have never been worn and is in pristine condition.
Item rating of "Excellent" condition appears to rarely have been worn and either shows negligible to light wear or does not show any noticeable wear visible to the naked eye.
Item rating of "Very Good" condition has been worn frequently, but has been well maintained and has still has a lot of life in it; it shows only light to moderate stains/marks, fraying, or scratches. If you are a Value seeker, this rating might be for you!
Item rating of "Good" condition has been worn regularly; it shows visible signs of wear both interior and exterior, possibly including handles, corners, and edges. If you are seeking both Value and Deal, this rating might be for you!
Item rating of "Fair" condition has heavy wear on at least one or more parts of the bag; it shows noticeable wear both interior and exterior, possibly including handles, corners, and edges. Fair condition items are the best opportunity to save significantly. If you are a Deal seeker, this rating might be for you!

Check out some of our favorites:

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Chanel Lambskin Camera Bag


Content and images for this blog post have been sourced and referenced from LePrix.

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