Why choose consignment on luxury goods?

It is safe to say that anyone reading this loves luxury brands, but the sad truth is the many of us can't afford to drop $3000 on a purse just whenever we feel like it. However, just because something is out of our price range doesn't mean we still don't LOVE the item and the history behind it. There are ways that we can purchase luxury items without paying the full price. One of the best and most popular methods of doing this is through consignment.

Recent years since COVID have seen a huge uptick in the acceptance of the resale industry—in fact, according to a recent report, the U.S. secondhand market is expected to more than double by 2026. (Secondhand saw record growth in 2021 at 32%.)  Resale is expected to grow 16 times faster than the broader retail clothing sector by 2026.

Times and trends are changing. These shifts in behavior are rapidly displacing old, outdated misconceptions and prejudices about secondhand shopping, such as the ideas that secondhand items are of poorer quality than new items, or that pre-loved styles are outdated. On the contrary, shopping secondhand can often yield benefits that you won't experience when buying new.

We all still want the element of luxury and newness. Here are YOLO Luxury Consignment you can treat yourself to high-end designer and luxury pieces while being mindful of your consumption and being value oriented. Apart from being good for the environment, it's also a great way to score unique and 
vintage items.

The Benefits of Buying Secondhand
Luxury consignment has a lot of perks to offer. Here are just a few to consider:

♻️ Environmental Sustainability:
Many people are drawn to luxury consignment because it supports sustainability. Unlike "fast fashion", luxury resale deals in items that are made of high-quality material that lasts longer. Further, such resale extends the lifespan of those high-quality items and reduces the demand for new, resource-intensive materials.  When you purchase secondhand you are not only extending the life of the gorgeous piece, but you are also getting an investment item which could be put back into the resale cycle when you are ready to move on, continuing the reduction of need for new goods.

Most people don't mind paying extra for quality goods—but the beauty of luxury consignment is that you don't have to. In the luxury secondhand world, it's not uncommon to find valuable, like-new objects below their original cost.
Luxury resale provides shoppers with name brand quality while allowing them to save money. Another added benefit is that luxury items and particularly handbags tend to appreciate over time, especially classic and iconic designs like Chanel flap bags, Birkins and Louis Vuitton tote bags. Your bag can be more than a bag, it can be an investment, an asset that you keep for years and sell at a great price or even pass down to your loved ones. 

♾Ever-Changing Selection:
Unlike traditional stores, which change their selections only periodically or seasonally, luxury consignment stores have unique inventories
that come from other peoples' private collections. As a result, available items are constantly changing. If you don't find something you like on a particular visit, odds are that you will on the next one.  And if you do find what you are looking for during that particular visit, snatch it up before it's gone!  All items available are unicorns.

💎Unique Style:
Luxury consignment tends to be a great place to find
 one-of-a-kind, timeless items that are no longer produced regularly, making them uncommon and valuable. Further, items at YOLO go through a careful authentication process prior to accepting new items, so you can rest assured that the pre-loved luxury handbag you're considering has been verified authentic.

While traditional shopping can sometimes 
feel like a chore, luxury consignment is a completely different experience. The variety of the inventory, the unique nature of each item, and the thrill of a good deal can turn shopping into a fun expedition. Consider sharing with some friends and making your luxury secondhand adventure into a social outing. At YOLO we do live online  shopping events at least monthly that you could join with your friends!

Whatever your reason for shopping luxury resale is, you don't need to look any further than YOLO to start. Our expert team carefully inspects all products to ensure authenticity, so you can shop for affordable luxury items with complete confidence.
In addition to knowing you've gotten a great value, you can feel good about the fact that you are contributing to protecting the environment through sustainable fashion.

It’s the best of all worlds!

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