OSP: How to care for your investment

YLC how to care for your investment - handbag lovin

You did it! You decided to pull the trigger and have your dream item(s) at home, in your hands and you are in LOVE! ...But what if you dropped a coffee the first time you wore it and now isn't exactly perfect?? You still love your luxury handbags and want to show the world!  You love the vintage look/feel but you want to elevate it.
Or you simply want to take care of your new baby and keep it as fresh and clean as possible!  We can help!  You need the YLC plan on how to care for your baby- OSP: Organize, Storage, Protect 

Caring for your designer bag starts from the inside. Using our Bag-a-Vie Deluxe Luxury handbag organizer acts as a second skin, lining you bag, so you don't need to worry about damaging your keepsakes! Meticulously joining form with function without sacrificing style; each detail thought of with you in mind! Room galore for all your work and play needs. Available in three universal sizes

Yes.. You might have to (eventually) put your bag in the closet so you can rotate out other loved items. Don't worry we know that doesn't mean you love it any less. Take care of your luxury item even when you aren't wearing it. 
Start by keeping the shape in tact. Designed by luxury handbag experts, our handbag shapers are a simple and beautiful solution to your handbag storage needs. Simply place the Bag-a-Vie handbag shaper in your bag and it will preserve its shape and help protect against moisture. Available in four universal sizes. Use one or mix and match different sizes to find your perfect custom fit.


Next, cover it up with our YLC dust cover! There's a reason many of these luxury items come with dust covers. They are an important element in keeping your bag as fresh as possible. Our natural cotton fabric dust bags provide added protection for your items while in storage. Beautifully crafted to allow your bags to breathe while keeping them dust-free and shielded from sunlight. Simple and stylish, our dust bags protect against rubs and marks with no harsh dyes and are available in three sizes to fit most bag styles.

YOLO Protective Dust Cover

It's all about the bag. Make your dream item last even longer with our top of the line leather and fabric care products by Havre De Luxe. Keeping your luxury accessories looking their best means keeping them cleansed, conditioned, and protected. Spills, stains, and daily wear can prevent your leather, suede, or fabric accessories from looking their best. Our premium care products will help you to take care of your luxury pieces and ensure you can enjoy using them for years to come. Here are our care tips:

  • Shake bottles well before using
  • Our products are highly concentrated, a little goes a long way!
  • Two or three lighter applications are always more beneficial than one heavier
  • Always allow your accessories to dry for a minimum of four hours before using, or applying any further products
  • Store all products away from direct sunlight and use within 18 months of receiving, we would not recommend using products older than 18 months
  • We always recommend testing all products on an inconspicuous area before using & allow to naturally dry for a minimum of four hours

    Cleansing Wipes
    Cleanse, Revive, and Renew your handbags, shoes & accessories in one simple step! Perfect for on the go!
    1. Gently wipe on your accessories to remove dirt & grime, leaving your accessories cleansed and revived
    2. May be buffed with a dry cloth for extra shine
    3. Ensure your accessories remain protected by following with our Water & Stain Guard if suitable

    Water & Stain Guard
    1. Ensure you spray between 10 - 20cm from item, creating a fine mist, buff any excess product using a clean, dry cloth. Alternatively, apply product to a clean cloth and evenly wipe onto the surface. We do not recommend applying to hardware, should this occur we recommend wiping off the hardware during application. If you are wishing to protect Vachetta then please refer to the enclosed guide you received with your order.
    2. Apply evenly over leather & fabric, several applications may be required on absorbent surfaces
    3. Allow to fully dry before using your accessories for a minimum of four hours

    Gentle Foam Cleanser
    1. Apply evenly to leather using a soft cloth, if applying to fabric use a sponge & dabbing technique
    2. Remove any dirt residue with a dry, clean cloth
    3. If your accessories have any marks or stains and you want to try and remove them, several applications may be required. Please always apply products gently. Do not apply with too much force and always allow your accessories to fully dry in between applications.

    Nourishing Conditioner *Found in our 3 Step Bundle
    1. We recommend conditioning after cleansing your accessories
    2. Apply to leather using a soft, gentle cloth - our Application Mitts are perfect for this! Gently wipe and buff into leather, ensuring no excess product remains. 
    3. After Conditioning your accessories, if suitable, we always recommend protecting using our Water & Stain Guard.
    Please note, we do not recommend using any conditioner on Fabric, Suede, Microfiber or Nubuck.

    Whether you are caring for your dream item from Hermes, Chanel, Fendi, Dior, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton or whatever your slice of luxury may be we know how important it is to you! So, OSP, darling!

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